It is time we unite and stand up against the tide of Trumpism

It is time we unite and stand up against the tide of Trumpism November 9, 2016

Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons
Image: Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

Donald Trump winning the election is the nightmare scenario no one saw coming. For months and weeks leading up to the election pundits and polls told the voters that he had no path to election and barring something catastrophic, Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency.

Yet, here we are. In just over two months, the White House, congress, and soon after, the Supreme Court will be in full Republican control.

We can point fingers, we can blame the elitist liberal attitude, neoliberalism, Clinton’s campaign, the FBI, Wikileaks, or we can blame racism. However, blaming them now changes nothing. We have the future to look towards now, and only we can stop Trump.

Progressives, liberals, and leftists will not have a voice in our government. Our political opposition will go unheard. Healthcare, environmental protections, LGBTQ rights, women’s right, minority rights, and a long list of oppressive laws are coming. That is not hyperbole, it’s reality. So what do we do?

The left, as a whole, meaning the leftists (socialists, anarchists, and communists), along with liberals and progressives must unite against Trumpism. We will have our say again in two years when given the chance flip congress, but two years is too long. The damage will be done.

We must act now, and with no voice in our government, our voice is going to be on the streets. Through direct action, protest, solidarity, and any other means we must take to protect those made vulnerable by a Trump administration.

We will be the ones to offer protection to the LGBTQ community, especially our transgender brothers and sisters who are going to face the brunt of such attacks from conservatives. We will stand with Black Lives Matter protesters as racist law enforcement feels emboldened by a white nationalist government that will turn a blind eye to all their misdoings.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t think it looks good. I think our struggle, our adversity just got very real. More real than we have seen in our many of our lifetime.

However, the choice is ours. Does history remember this moment as the moment the US was handed over to a tyrant who destroyed the very way of life we have created? Or does it remember those who stood up in the face of such a government and fought until the bitter end to protect its citizens and reclaim the country from the grips of neo-fascism?

I know what side I am going to be on.
Will you join me?

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