Bigoted Boy Scouts kick out 8-year-old transgender boy

Bigoted Boy Scouts kick out 8-year-old transgender boy December 29, 2016
Image: by Wbraswell / Creative Commons
Image: by Wbraswell / Creative Commons

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the most bigoted groups in the country have issued a ban to an 8-year-old transgender boy, Joe Maldonado, in New Jersey.

The troop removed the boy when other parents complained about his membership.

Joe’s mother, Kristie, said the scouts knew that their son when transgender when they signed him up. They only removed him later, after the complaints.

In an interview with CBS, the interviewer, Errol Barnett asked Joe’s mother, “As a parent, how do you know that you don’t just have a girl who is a tomboy, and that it’s a transgender issue?”

“I took a couple years; I didn’t realize it,” Maldonado said.

“Why did you want to join the Boy Scouts?” Barnett asked Joe.

“Because all of my favorite friends were there,” Joe responded.

The interviewer never seemed to care about Joe’s feelings on the issue.

The scouts said they refer to birth certificates on such issues, ignoring gender identity of their members.

Other scout groups have reached out in support of Joe.

This is just another example of the outdated, religious-based thinking that makes the Boy Scouts a bigoted and closed-minded organization.

The Girl Scouts, an unaffiliated group, has a policy of trans acceptance in their troops. Perhaps the Boy Scouts could learn a thing or two.

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