Bristol Palin says that artists who refuse to perform at Trump’s inauguration are ‘sissies’

Bristol Palin says that artists who refuse to perform at Trump’s inauguration are ‘sissies’ December 29, 2016
Image: Gage Skidmore / CC 2.0
Image: Gage Skidmore / CC 2.0

Bristol Palin, daughter of the unemployed mouthbreather Sarah Palin, when on a strange rant on her blog calling performers who won’t play at Donald Trump’s inauguration next month “sissies.”

“If Donald Trump were still just a regular old billionaire and threw a party at Trump Tower in New York City, celebrities would be lined up out the door, and the most famous artists would be pining for a chance to perform. But because he will be inaugurated as the next Republican president in January, these same mega-celebrities, who would normally drool over an invitation to sing for the president, want no part of it.”

She continued to complain about how “not cool” it is for celebrities to be a conservative in the public eye.

“Either Hollywood is that far off – or we have so many sissies we have in the spot light [sic] too scared to stand for what they believe in!”

She then went on to list the 11 performers who have refused to perform, trying to hurl insults at each of them along the way.

She called Sir Elton John the “pinball wizard,” and complained that Garth Brooks was willing to play for Obama last year, but not Trump.

That’s likely because Brooks doesn’t support fascism. But maybe that’s just me.

The list of celebs should not be surprising if you have opened a magazine or read the news in the last 10 years. Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars don’t seem like the type to rally behind a racist tyrant, and certainly, they don’t need the Trump inauguration on the resume.

You can read her blog to see more amazing zingers (that’s sarcasm folks) or just to learn how petty and disconnected from reality this Palin really is.

To be fair, Palin is right, if Trump was not the minority-president-elect, many of these performers would be willing to play one of his parties. However, before running for president, Trump wasn’t calling for all Muslims to be deported, blaming black communities for racism, or mocking the disabled.

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