Ken Ham: LGBTQ activists ‘aggressively try to impose their view on others’

Ken Ham: LGBTQ activists ‘aggressively try to impose their view on others’ December 6, 2016
Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture
Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture

If you read this blog you already know what a massive homophobic bigot Ken Ham is. If you’re currently unaware, he wrote a blog post today informing you.

Ham is upset with a Buzzfeed article about two HGTV stars that are possibly anti same-sex marriage.

Now, I agree that the article is kind of addressing a non-issue because the stars didn’t address their beliefs about marriage and the author of the piece looked at their pastor’s beliefs instead.

Yet, instead of dismissing the article as nonsense, Ham decided it was a “secular witch hunt” by intolerant secularists.

He then went as far as to attack the LGBTQ community.

LGBT activists usually don’t just want freedom for their view but aggressively try to impose their view on others. They’re often intolerant and prejudiced against Christianity—they need to learn tolerance.

They need to learn tolerance? That’s rich coming from a man who opposes LGBTQ individuals from having rights. Who advocates conversion therapy and continuously calls them sinners and makes them feel unwelcome.

In the very blog post, Ham calls homosexuals sinners.

That’s the kind of language that leads to the increased LGBTQ suicide rates.

Ken Ham may be one of the most intolerant people on this planet. He is even intolerant of other Christians who reject his childish, creationist worldview.


Let’s not forget this is the same man who believes in dismantling the wall that separates church and state and wants to use the government to impose his views on everyone.


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