Liberty Counsel claims religious leaders will soon be beaten to death for celebrating Christmas

Liberty Counsel claims religious leaders will soon be beaten to death for celebrating Christmas December 13, 2016
Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture

On Tuesday morning, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver was joined by his organization’s director of communications, Holly Meade on their radio program “Faith and Freedom” to discuss how “cultural Marxists” were attempting to carry out a “religious cleansing” in America in an attempt to rid the world of Christmas.

Staver tried to tie the current political climate in the US to that of the 1970s in Soviet Russia, claiming that Communists in Ukraine changed the words to a Christmas carol called “The Joyous News Has Come To Us” in order to secularize it.

Meade warned that this is what is happening in American today.

“We’re dealing with it even today, these cases where these atheist groups are trying to take out Christmas and Christ out of the holiday,” she said. “It’s just so prophetic. Ronald Reagan had talked about Christians in the former Soviet Union were brave if they went out into the streets to sing Christmas carols, knowing they could be arrested. There was a Roman Catholic priest who delivered a sermon in 1983 protesting against the fact that December 25 had been declared a work day instead of a holiday. And what happened to him? He was arrested by police, beaten, imprisoned and died! I hate to say, but if we continue, we’re getting that way in the United States.”

This is right-wing extremism at its best. They are attempting to vilify an imaginary atheist demon, actually putting atheist lives at risk, while claiming it Christians that should be scared.

With Trump’s recent victory we have already seen white nationalism flourish and an increase in hate crimes around the nation as bigots now feel empowered.

Now, organizations such as Liberty Counsel are asking their followers to engage against another minority group, atheists. This strategy is dangerous and can hurt real people, none of which are Christians.

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