The secular resistance to Donald Trump must begin now

The secular resistance to Donald Trump must begin now December 19, 2016

Image: Fibonacci Blue / CC 2.0
Image: Fibonacci Blue / CC 2.0

The Electoral College made it official on Monday by electing the man with 2.86 million fewer votes into office. Democracy, or what was left of it, is dead.

The presidency of Donald Trump is going to be made official in a matter of weeks. Nothing will stop this from happening so we must look past long shot plans like swaying the electoral college and look to what we can actually do.

And what can we do?

We revolt.

This cannot be a time for building bridges or healing our figurative wounds from the election. A fascist tyrant is going to the White House surrounded by war mongers and white nationalists. Trump takes office with the full support of the Russian government and his finger readily on the trigger for anyone who upsets his thin skin.

We shouldn’t assume we have the luxury of waiting to see what he does. If we wait, he can do a lot of damage to those we all care about. Our LGBTQ friends and family, refugees trying to escape everyday terrorism. People of color who can rest assured cops will no longer be held responsible for their relentless slaughter of African-Americans.

It’s not hyperbole to say we are about to live in a new America. Nothing will be the same. Changes to the Affordable Care Act will be catastrophic, millions upon millions without healthcare. Welfare programs gutted, education destroyed. Scientific advancements? Not a chance. We are taking 50 or more years worth of steps backward.

Secularists, atheists, nonreligious, the moderate religious, and just about anyone who isn’t a Christian Right extremist must take a stand now.

Do you think Mike Pence is going to respect the religious beliefs of a moderate Christian any more than he does that of a Muslim? Of course not. Fundamentalism is going to rule the day. Religious freedom will be all but dead. It will mean nothing more than religious privilege for a select few.

So again, our only course of action is a full on revolt.

I have written about Donald Trump not being our president. I have written about 5 ways you can get involved in the resistance movement now.

We must stand firm if any plan of action from Trump includes a database of Muslims, whether it be Muslim-Americans or immigrants. The database cannot exist. We must force our local governments to create sanctuary cities, and refuse to cooperate with Trump’s government.

We must work with our local officials to create self-funded, independent healthcare networks, much like California, and we must find ways to ensure the stretch across borders and create new ways to ensure those who need it.
We must fight to ensure our children receive the best education possible, even if that means more programs like Young Skeptics or After School Satan.

We will create food pantries and feed those who lose their welfare safety nets.

We will protect the minority groups of all colors and religion by any means necessary.

This will be a group effort. We will not do this alone. The left will have to unite. Liberals who don’t roll over and “wait and see” will have to unite with the far-left.

The Anti-Fascist groups are organizing, the socialists are organizing. Many liberal groups are organizing. Secular groups are organizing. Religious groups are organizing.

It’s time we organize together. One resistance. On the street every day, in the way. Politicians who join us must vow to stop GOP bills at all times. Take a page from the last 8 years and run the gov’t full stop. No bills pass. No confirmations. At any time they can block, they must block.

It’s time we stop talking about what to do and it’s time we act.

We must resist. We must unite. This is our time, this is our revolution.

Trumpism ends now.

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