Danthropology Podcast: Have we moved past atheism into post-theism?

Danthropology Podcast: Have we moved past atheism into post-theism? January 5, 2017

On this episode, hosts Dan Arel and Sean Taylor discuss post-theism and why people should no longer apply the label atheist to themselves, with author James Lindsay.

This is a counter-episode to last week’s discussion with David Silverman in which he defended using the label atheism. This week, we thought we would offer the counter argument.

James’ wrote a book called, Everybody is Wrong About God, (read my review here) in which he offers the argument that we have matured past atheism vs. theism and have moved into a “post-theist” mindset. This is a rather controversial, and also confusing concept so James came on the show to explain it more and argue why he thinks the strategy of openly espousing one’s atheism is, in his view, is not the right way to move forward.


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