Ken Ham: Majority consensus is always wrong and God will ‘Make America Great Again’

Ken Ham: Majority consensus is always wrong and God will ‘Make America Great Again’ January 19, 2017

Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture
Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture

Ken Ham is cashing in on inauguration fever and has a new blog post up about how God has told us how to make America great again.

However, he concedes in the post the majority of Americans reject his young-earth view of God and scripture.

That doesn’t matter to Ham, though, because as he notes, the majority is always wrong.

Well, the majority of doctors once didn’t wash their hands after autopsies and before delivering babies—they were wrong! The majority believed the appendix didn’t have a function—they were wrong. The majority of scientists believe in molecules-to-man evolution—the majority is obviously wrong. Just because the majority believes something doesn’t mean it’s right.

If you believe that the majority rules, there can never be truth.

What Ham ignores is that it was scientific evidence to led us to these findings and scientific consensus that confirmed them.

He says a majority of scientists accept evolution while ignoring this wasn’t always the case. In fact, he proves evolution true in his own argument by showing that the old majority didn’t wash their hands before surgery, just like the majority of scientists pre-Darwin accepted creationism. Later, as evidence changed, the majority now accepts germ theory and doctors wash their hands.

Just as scientists now accept the theory of evolution.

For Ham to stay true to his argument, he should probably only see doctors who don’t wash their hands.

While it seems Ham is gleeful Cheeto Hitler will be taking office tomorrow, he still argues that the only way to “Make America Great Again,” is to give into God’s authoritarianism and do only as he says.

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