Ken Ham: You need God and ‘meaning’ to live a healthy life

Ken Ham: You need God and ‘meaning’ to live a healthy life January 30, 2017

Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture
Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture

Once again, creationist Ken Ham is going on about how without “purpose” and “meaning” than living is useless.

That is because Ham believes you need some form of cosmic dictator to tell you what your purpose in life is. He is apparently incapable of making decisions on his own.

In a recent blog post, Ham tries to write a takedown piece of New Scientist journalist Teal Burrell.

Burrell writes in her piece that:

As human beings, it is hard for us to shake the idea that our existence must have significance beyond the here and now. Life begins and ends, yes, but surely there is greater meaning. The trouble is, these stories we tell ourselves do nothing to soften the harsh reality: as far as the universe is concerned, we are nothing but fleeting and randomly assembled collections of energy and matter. One day, we will all be dust.

One day, but not yet. Just because life is ultimately meaningless doesn’t stop us searching for meaning while we are alive.

As Ham points out, Burrell does make some good points about what purpose is good for. Having “something to live for” the author says has many health benefits such as preventing heart attacks and strokes, helping you sleep better, and even extending your life.

Ham, however, is not able to discern than someone can make their own meaning and purpose in life and insists, as always, that one must believe in God to achieve such knowledge.

Ham writes:

This means her article has no ultimate meaning or purpose, so why did she bother to write it? She claims life has significance in the “here and now” and that we can search for meaning while we are alive, but this is inconsistent. If our lives don’t matter, and no one else’s life matters either because we’re all just going to die and be dust, then there is no purpose or meaning.

Yet, without God, I am full of purpose and meaning. I am raising two children, who give my live meaning and purpose every single day. The fact that when I die I will be dust does nothing to demean their lives or mine in providing for them.

Life is fun, we go to Disneyland, the park, play ice hockey, take road trips. All without asking God first if it’s okay.

I strive every day to find a way to make the well-being of others a top priority.

Why? Because I know we get one life and I want as many people as I can to enjoy it. To live it to the fullest.

Ham, instead, wants to sell you on a lie that you live forever and that this one life should be sent worshipping an imaginary tyrant and that suffering is part of such worship.

If you follow this invisible dictator’s rules, you can spend a life in paradise.

Need proof? Sorry, you just have to believe Ham, and also donate money to him.

No thanks, I’ll find my own meaning and forget the suffering.

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