Kentucky Democrat files anti-transgender bathroom bill

Kentucky Democrat files anti-transgender bathroom bill January 4, 2017
Image: Ted Eytan / Creative Commons
Image: Ted Eytan / Creative Commons

Want to know why I am not a Democrat or a Republican? It’s because both are full of hateful theocrats who will attack the LGBTQ community to defend religious bigotry.

In Kentucky, Rep. Rick Nelson, a Democrat, filed a transgender bathroom bill, House Bill 106, that would require public schools, state universities, state government and local governments to designate that bathrooms “only be used by persons based on their biological sex.”

Meaning, of course, that transgender individuals whose gender identity does not match the one assigned to them by doctors at birth, must use restrooms opposite their identity. These are the same kind of hateful bills put forward by Republicans around the country, most famously in North Carlina.

Nelson is also introducing a discriminatory “religious freedom bill.”

According to the Courier-Journal:

Nelson’s House Bill 105 is similar to past “religious freedom” bills filed in the legislature. It says that no law, regulation or court order shall impair the exercise of rights guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States and Kentucky including “a person’s right of conscience” and freedom of religion.

“I just want to make sure those bills are out there in case the other side decides not to do them. I support them and think they’re pretty good,” Nelson said.

Basically, the previous religious freedom bills were passed by a Republican-controlled state senate but failed in the Democratic-held house. Now the control has been handed back to Republicans, and Nelson has joined them in their hate-filled mission to remove transgender rights.

What’s worse, is that Nelson’s attack is meaningless. It’s simply an attack on transgender individuals, because even their tea-party-led governor, Matt Bevin said the bills address a problem that doesn’t exist in Kentucky.

It seems the only support Nelson has is from known hate groups in the area.

Martin Cothran, a spokesperson for the conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky, said, “This has nothing to do with discrimination. It is a targeted bill that focuses on several rights, including religious free exercise for certain kinds of businesses. … It affects a religious bookstore owner or owner of any business where the service being requested would enroll the person providing the service in something that potentially violates their right of conscience.”

It seems resisting a Trump America will be a resistance against hate and bigotry in both parties.

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