Men’s rights activist tells Anne Frank center to stop complaining about the holocaust

Men’s rights activist tells Anne Frank center to stop complaining about the holocaust January 15, 2017
Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture

Recently, minority-president-elect Donald Trump criticized the American media for reporting on an unconfirmed Russian report that claimed to have various levels of blackmail against the soon-to-be Fuhrer.

Trump responded by asking if America was now Nazi Germany. Unsurprisingly, many Jewish groups took offense to such a thoughtless and insensitive remark.

One of those groups was the Anne Frank Center.


This offense by the Anne Frank Center and others seem justified given the horrific acts performed by Nazi Germany, in comparison to Trump being laughed at for what the report contained.

Well, men’s right activist Paul Elam, accused the center of “whining” about the holocaust.


If you’re wondering what that taste in your mouth is, it’s the taste of white male tears. They can be rather delicious at times, but horrific in others.

The biggest issue stemming from this statement is that we can rest assured Elam is not alone in this thinking. Trump and his supporters have been demeaning and outright hateful towards Jews in the United States. Oddly enough while defending Israeli apartheid at the same time.

Elam, who spends most of his time online complaining that men can insult women all day because the “PC police” have made it harder for him and his friends to be sexist and misogynist all day, is now complaining that a center, devoted to those lost in the holocaust, is speaking out when the history of Nazi Germany is compared to hurt white feelings.

The irony in Elam’s tweet shouldn’t be lost on many.



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