Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart upsetting free speech dogmatists

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart upsetting free speech dogmatists February 21, 2017

Image: YouTube screen capture
Image: YouTube screen capture
Alt-right nationalist Milo Yiannopoulos announced Tuesday afternoon that he is resigning from Breitbart, the all but state-run media site responsible for attacking people of color, the LGBTQ community, and women’s rights.

Make no mistake, this is a huge victory against neo-fascism and hate speech.

Over the weekend, video resurfaced showing Milo advocating for the molestation of children during a 2015 interview with Joe Rogan.

Before quitting the outlet, Milo also lost his speaking invitation from CPAC and then lost his book deal with Simon and Schuster.

CPAC, S&S, and much of the media was willing to sit by and rocket Milo to fame while he harassed transgender students, advocating for the doxxing of immigrants, and organized targeted harassment of people of color. It was only after the video resurfaced that he faced actual backlash for his views.

However, it seems that conservatives and even liberals who hold dogmatic views of free speech are still rushing to Milo’s defense, showing us that not even protecting children from rape is important enough to stand up against monsters.

One atheist philosopher, Russel Blackford attacked Simon & Schuster for canceling Milo’s book deal over “an unpopular opinion.”

Yes, these pseudo-liberals (or as they call themselves, classical liberals) view child rape as an “unpopular opinion,” and one that should not result in ending your career.

Yet watch these same individuals hold all Catholics accountable for child rape by priests, or demand all Muslims denounce Muhammad for his 9-year-old bride.

Classical liberalism is hypocritical in every way. They defend Milo’s comments about pedophilia but don’t apply it to worldviews they don’t agree with. They argue for a marketplace of ideas, but when their ideas lose, they cry foul.

Free speech, they argue, is more important than anything else, and apparently, that includes child safety and the rights of minority groups to live in peace.

But let’s make something clear.

Milo has no right to publish a book with S&S and if they for any reason feel he is damaging to their brand (and as a two-time published author, I 100% guarantee it’s in his contract) they can cancel the deal.

Milo has no right to CPAC’s stage. They can disinvite him all they want, it’s their conference.

Milo resigned from Breitbart, but watching these classical liberals and conservatives blame the left is priceless.

And lastly, Milo has no right to any stage. He is and will continue to be deplatformed by the left. His message if of hate and causes serious, real life harm to people lives. The left is doing the country a service by taking a stand.

Milo is getting everything he deserves and like clockwork, these free speech warriors are coming to his defense because they can’t stand to see one of their own take a hit. They are bending over backward to string Milo’s backlash into some leftist conspiracy theory.

Yet, they need to take one second and think about their worldview if it requires them to defend the advocacy of pedophilia and the constant harassment of marginalized groups.

Unfortunately, their dogmatism to this cause is as deep as the most fundamental religious fanatic.

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