One-third of Americans think you have to be Christian to be ‘truly American’

One-third of Americans think you have to be Christian to be ‘truly American’ February 3, 2017


According to a new survey released this week, one-third of Americans believe you must be a Christian in order to truly be an American.

According to the Washington Post, the survey released by Pew Research said that:

Thirty-two percent of Americans said one should be Christian to really be American, compared to just 13 percent of Australians, 15 percent of Canadians and 15 percent of Europeans who felt the same way about belonging in their homelands.

The same number of Americans — 32 percent — said that being born in the United States is key to being an American. More Americans — 45 percent — said that sharing “national customs and traditions” was important, and many more — 70 percent — said being an American meant speaking English.

When it comes to party lines, the results are not all that surprising.

43 percent of Republicans said you needed to be Christian to be a true American compared to 29 percent of Democrats and 26 percent of independents.

The results are not that much different for religious affiliation. The Washington Post again said:

57 percent of white evangelical Protestants thought it was very important to be Christian in order to be American, while 29 percent of white mainline Protestants, 27 percent of Catholics and just 9 percent of people unaffiliated with a faith felt the same way.

The 9 percent of unaffiliated that believe you must be a Christian to be a true American must have some really weird feelings about their own place in the country.

How does one, who does not think they are a Christian, decide they are not real Americans because of it? It’s mind blowing.

Age certainly plays a factor in this thinking as well.

44 percent of adults over 50 told Pew that being Christian was key to being American. While among those younger than 35, only18 percent said the same.

For comparison, the Post looked at Sweden, noting that “73 percent of the population is Protestant but many do not consider religion important in their lives, a mere 7 percent of respondents felt that one needs to be Christian to be a real Swede.”

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