Constitutional attorney films commercial at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter

Constitutional attorney films commercial at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter March 28, 2017

My friend Andrew Seidel paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, filming a Freedom From Religion commercial, and giving viewers a wonderfully educated walkthrough of the park.

You’ll notice, throughout the whole video there are little to no guests to be seen.

No, this wasn’t because Andrew requested a closed set, but because no one goes to visit this awful park.

According to the Friendly Atheist, only 450 people visited the park that day.

Ham has been boasting about his visitation numbers for more than a year but the truth is, 450 in a single day is not enough to sustain his business.

It’s also not enough to boost the local economy as he has claimed it would. It’s been such a little boon to the local economy that city officials have expressed their disappointment in the park’s attendance.

Check out the video Andrew posted below and see for yourself, not only how foolish the entire park is, but just how empty it is as well.

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