Creationist Ken Ham: ‘The pope is wrong’ about atheism and the Big Bang

Creationist Ken Ham: ‘The pope is wrong’ about atheism and the Big Bang March 16, 2017

Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture
Image: Ken Ham / YouTube screen capture
Ken Ham is usually full of logical fallacies, and that was on display once again when the creationist attacked Pope Francis for his remarks suggesting that atheists can be “good people” and that things such as the Big Bang are supported by science.

“If Pope said ‘Big Bang is real’ — then Pope’s wrong,” Ham wrote. “Bible states earth came before sun — not other way round… Doesn’t matter who it is, the Pope or any other human being-all statements need to be judged against God’s Word.”

“[The] Bible says there’s only one ‘good’ and that’s God,” Ham wrote in objection to the idea that atheists can be good.

Ham often claims that you can’t be a “real Christian” unless you believe in his version of young earth creationism, a standard No True Scotsman Fallacy.

It is also no surprise that Ham feels atheists can’t be good people.

Ham may be one of the evilest people on the planet, arguing in favor of gay conversion therapy, banning transgender people from bathrooms of their gender identity, and even suggesting that atheists may as well have sex with animals if they don’t subscribe the strict biblical definition of marriage.

Ham’s tactic is to make everyone else seem evil and bad. This makes him not only feel better, but gives him a boogie man to sell his donors.

Perhaps the truth is, Ham is jealous of the pope. For all his own faults, the pope seems to be a hero among many liberals for his views on Christianity and God, and Ham is finding he is more and more ostracized by the Christian community.

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