An Example of Critical Thinking and Religious Faith

An Example of Critical Thinking and Religious Faith February 24, 2015


Thought I would share the following picture of my friend, Tyler. Tyler (far left) decided to serve an LDS mission a bit later in life. For Tyler, this was not an easy decision. A very critical thinker, Tyler has studied the works of scholars such as Richard Bushman, Dan Vogel, Brent Metcalfe, and Earl Wunderli to better understand his religious tradition from a variety of angles. Tyler was also an avid listener to John Dehlin’s Mormon Stories podcasts. Tyler sent me this picture recently that I have permission to share, along with a personal note stating that he has found “a healthy place of peace” where he can use his Mormon “framework” to “attain the highest level of happiness” in his life.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed so many wonderful conversations with this incredible young man. He is a great example to me. Tyler provides strong evidence that certainty is not a faith requirement, and that critical thinking is an essential part of spiritual development.

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