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Public Square

What Is the Future of New Religions in America?

As America continues to diversify, it develops the rise of new religious traditions, some of them recoveries of ancient religions and some new approaches to old religions. Patheos explores the future of Christian Science, Unitarian Universalism, Paganism, Scientology, and Baha'i.

Benjamin the Scribe

Necessary background on grace, faith, works, law, justification for the coming LDS Gospel Doctrine discussions

Let me open by saying, this is a wide-ranging and complex subject, on which I am not an expert and may well prove to be wrong on this or that point. You may well quibble with some of what I’ve written, and I may be missing important nuances here or there, and it’s a bit [Read More...]


Counter-Culture PR

I don’t know anything about “Fair Mormon”, apart from the fact that whoever came up with the group’s name has a cold river of snark running in his or her veins.  I know: takes one to know one.  But surely it’s not only not fair, but downright passively-aggressively hostile, for the name of one’s group [Read More...]

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