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Public Square

What Is the Proper Role of Faith in the Election?

In light of America's history—its Constitution, its "wall of separation" between church and state, its increasing plurality, its rising secularism—what can we still say about the role of faith in choosing a president?

Benjamin the Scribe

David O. McKay on Evolution and Reading Genesis

One part of my book on Genesis 1 (trying to finish this summer) addresses the question “Why can’t we just believe what our Church leaders have said about Genesis 1?” Well, that presumes two things, first, that a unified interpretation of how to read Genesis has existed among them, and second, that such a unified interpretation (if [Read More...]

Speaking Silence

Giving God Counsel?

Larry Walters, my home teacher, stopped by the house Sunday evening for a chat. We talked for at least an hour on our front porch, though I know that Larry was anxious to get back to his family. He had grandchildren coming in from out of town last night, but he made more than a [Read More...]

The Welcome Table

Race and Mormonism–2016 Edition (the less coy version)

REVISION: Okay, I won’t be coy.  I am disturbed by the upcoming New Testament manual for Mormon youth.  This is a sample of what disturbs me. The teacher is asked to divide her students into groups and to discuss the principles behind various church practices.  Questions 2 and 4 elicit a response justifying the long [Read More...]

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