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Public Square

What Can the Spirituality of Children Teach Us?

Many believe children have an innate spirituality that defies religious categories. What can children teach us about the world and the possibility of the divine?

Benjamin the Scribe

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 19: Mosiah 18-24

Mormons have a thing about Doctrine, with a capital D. We try to define it, we argue about it, we prioritize it. We even misquote scripture about “bearing down in pure testimony” (Alma 4:19), er, “pure doctrine” which is not a scriptural phrase, and I’m not even sure what it means. We tend to read [Read More...]


Religion’s Placebo Effect(s)

If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome—and reading blogposts can give it to you if you don’t—you’re in luck.  The best treatment might be provided in little packets manufactured by C&H. A few years ago, a team of real-life scientists produced an important study that showed that placebos work.  This was not, itself, news.  We came [Read More...]

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