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Mormonism: Inside and Out

Mormonism: Inside and Out

Patheos introduces a new Mix blog, creating dialogue that can lead toward "a better, richer understanding." John Dehlin and Patrick Mason invite you to join their conversation.

Public Square

Back to School: Homeschooling and the Public Education Quandary

How do faith choices shape the discussion about the education of our children?

Benjamin the Scribe

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 37: 3Ne 8-10

I wanted to get this up quickly, and will try to return and add to it. Lots going on here. I’ve talked about the power of art before, but this bears repeating. while art and artists are often credited with making historical, and particularly religious, ideas come alive and plainer to understand, an inherent problem [Read More...]

Speaking Silence

Despised Members

Embed from Getty Images At one time or another almost every Christian will hear a sermon on 1 Corinthians 12, where Paul compares the church to a body and talks about the unity of the body’s members. Quite naturally the preacher will use the passage to urge his or her congregation to greater unity. Here [Read More...]

The Welcome Table

Have You Forgotten? Part 2 – The Danger of Standing Ovations

No one is more hungry for applause than someone who questions their fundamental worth. One of my activities as a young teen was inventing schmaltzy dramas and acting them out–alone, of course.  Oh goodness, it would have been a disaster if anyone had seen me! Many of my dramas ended in tears.  It was a [Read More...]

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