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Editor's Choice

Speaking Silence

Gospel: From Problem to Promise

There is no answer to the question of suffering if an answer means an explanation of its necessity or why some suffer so much more than others. But if "answer" means "response," then the gospel is the response.

Benjamin the Scribe

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 18: Luke 15

Today we’re covering less territory. In fact, we can focus entirely on one chapter. What’s the setting? A stereotypical collection of tax collectors and sinners on one side, scribes and pharisees on the other.  The second group criticizes Jesus for associating with the first group. Jesus responds to them with three parables. Since all three parables [Read More...]


The Boy Scouts of a Better America

Word has come from none other than Robert Gates that the Boy Scouts of America will have to end its openly discriminatory policy of not allowing gay adults to serve as Boy Scout leaders. What I find so delicious about the BSA’s supreme leader’s opinion is the position of chagrin and shame into which it [Read More...]

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