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Public Square

A Glass Half Full or Half Empty: How Do We Engage the New Year?

Does your experience of your faith tradition generally see the world with a spirit of confidence, or does it weigh the world and find it wanting?

Benjamin the Scribe

Teaching Seminary with Cuneiform, Shortbread, and The Shining

Back in fall, I got interviewed about teaching early-morning Seminary. I even attended one morning, to get the lay of the land. I got very excited about shaping young minds, but I was also up front that they would probably hear from some parents. As long as they were fine with that, I was on [Read More...]


Notes on Vaginas

Here at the college at which I am still, remarkably, employed, students are performing a version of The Vagina Monologues, which consists of a series of solo discourses on vaginas, mostly written by real women out there in the real world, who have honest-to-goodness, real vaginas.  The monologues are performed by women, who also have [Read More...]

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