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Being Taught after the Manner of the Jews, Again

Perhaps we should read the Book of Mormon aloud in our meetings in concert with the Hebrew Scriptures, just as Jews read the Torah in their services. Here's why.

Benjamin the Scribe

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 24: John 16-17

Today’s chapters continue Jesus’ final sermon at the last supper, which uniquely extends to multiple chapters, only in John. These chapters have some puzzling statements, and are difficult to parse. I don’t have any magic unifying interpretation, so I’ll offer some specific points instead. In terms of structure, 16 still sounds like exposition or sermon, [Read More...]


Sweep Out the Confederate Flag

We bought our first home, here in Memphis, more than a decade ago, and we celebrated home ownership by handing our kids a big bucket of sidewalk chalk, representing all the pastel colors of the rainbow.  Knock yourselves out, Kids, we said, now there’s no landlord to say ‘no’.  And we left them to their own [Read More...]

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