How I’ve Built a Relationship With My Heavenly Mother

How I’ve Built a Relationship With My Heavenly Mother April 30, 2023


Around Mother’s Day, I often find myself thinking about the mother of my spirit, my Heavenly Mother, and how I can continue to work on building a relationship with Her. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that we have both a Heavenly Mother and a Heavenly Father. Not much has been officially stated about Her, but Her existence and identity as a loving mother is a cherished doctrine. We are cautioned against speculating, but I believe that building a relationship with her is a very personal and beautiful thing.

My journey to know my Heavenly Mother started shortly after we moved out south. I’m not really sure what triggered it, but something just clicked. Trees are symbolic for the Mother God, so I think living so close to woods made me more in tune to Her whispers. I felt like She was reaching out to me, inviting me to know more about Her. During that time I began to develop a relationship with Her. I think many members are nervous about speculating or diverting their reverence away from Christ and Heavenly Father. However, I think it’s important to develop our own relationships with each of our Heavenly Parents. Here are some ways I have built a relationship with my Heavenly Mother.

Pray and ask

Early on in my journey to find Heavenly Mother, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if I could know her. I told Him that I loved Him, but that I also needed my mother. I felt strongly that He supported me, that He also wanted me to find Her. I felt Him guide me to Her. If we really believe in the promises behind the covenants we make in the temple, then we know that They are equals in divinity. I believe that Heavenly Father encourages us to develop our own intimate relationships with Her.

Focus on symbols

Symbols associated with the Feminine Divine include trees, water, bees, and snakes. When you study the scriptures, look for these symbols and imagine how they could be referring to Heavenly Mother. These symbols are frequently mentioned in the scriptures. I personally enjoyed reading Jacob 5 and pondering how the allegory of the olive tree could apply to Heavenly Mother. As you study these symbols in the scriptures, pray to be guided by the Holy Ghost.

You can also look at these symbols in real life. Spend time in the woods, around animals, or near water. How might those symbols represent Heavenly Mother and what does that mean to you?

Look for connection between Christ and Heavenly Mother in the scriptures

Throughout the Bible and The Book of Mormon, there are many references to Christ as a mother figure or a bridegroom. I think all these scriptures are meant to show the nature of Christ’s relationship with Heavenly Mother. We also see Christ’s relationship with his Earthly mother. With the story of turning water to wine and asking John to watch over her, at His crucifixion, Christ obviously really loves and respects Mary. I believe Mary, as well as many other women in the scriptures, are meant to be types for Heavenly Mother. Seeing Christ’s relationship with Mary reflects the loving relationship I’m sure He has with Heavenly Mother.

Find Her through art

Many women have felt connection to Heavenly Mother through creativity and using their talents. Through poetry, music, painting, prose, and other forms of art, Her children can feel greater connection to Her. Creativity can be a very personal experience, or a way to connect with and inspire others. There are very many breathtaking paintings and poetry that capture the feelings of wanting to connect to Heavenly Mother. I have been able to connect with Her through writing and reading poetry. I also enjoy seeing art that depict our Heavenly Mother in Her loving glory.

Why does it matter?

Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, don’t feel a strong pull towards Heavenly Mother, and that’s fine. However there are many of us who want to feel Her influence in our lives. We want to feel close to Her. For a young girl, it can be very empowering and comforting to know that godliness is female as well as male. Our doctrine says that we can be like our Heavenly Father if we receive eternal life. In truth, girls and women won’t be exactly like Heavenly Father, since gender is an eternal characteristic. We will, however, be like Heavenly Mother. I think it’s important for young girls to see the divinity in their identity as females. I believe that if done prayerfully and while following the Spirit, we can have equally close relationships with each of our Heavenly Parents and the Savior.

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