Traveling Ireland Gluten-Free

Traveling Ireland Gluten-Free October 29, 2023

Before we came to Ireland I’d heard that a lot of folks here have celiacs. When people show up at the ER with stomach pain, that is the first test they run. So I wasn’t worried about trying to visit and be Gluten-Free. Ireland is amazing at labeling everything with 14 different allergens. Every restaurant has a book listing ingredients for everything they serve and labels the allergens clearly.  In these ways, they are ahead of the US in food allergy information. 

Didn’t Get Sick Once!

Fresh bread
Freshly baked bread

I also have to give Ireland credit because I haven’t been poisoned by gluten once while here. Everyone knows what celiac is and how to keep me safe. It’s not like Mexico where they said it was safe and then I was in bed for 3 days dying because it wasn’t. I’m very grateful for the way every time I ask questions they have the answers. And chefs even show up to show me what is safe to eat. I am grateful for that. 

That said, I was expecting more gluten-free options at restaurants and grocery stores. But it seems that labels are as far as some food makers have gone. As I searched for safe foods in the grocery store I did find a gluten-free section with amazing bread. Promise brand bread is the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever had! And Goodness Grains makes delicious muffins. I was able to get my sweets fix and that reduced the stress of traveling a lot. 

Different Recipes

However, I was disappointed that some manufacturers that make their items gluten-free in other countries changed their recipe for Ireland. Doritos are made with corn in the US. But here they are made with wheat and barley. What a big disappointment that was! And I did find some gluten-free cereal. 

However, Cheerios, which is made with oats in the US, surprised me by being full of wheat here in Ireland. I know both these companies are from the US and I know they can do better.  The Irish people deserve more off-the-shelf gluten-free options. 


Gluten-free bakeries are hard to find.

When trying to eat at a restaurant, I’ve found the options are quite limited. Most menus end up with only one or two safe options. And when you’re traveling for a couple weeks the lack of variety can become quite frustrating. 

There are a bunch of places that offer pizza and burgers, which made my family happy. But there is wheat in all pizza and burgers.

I often found myself coming home with takeout I couldn’t eat. Or returning from the grocery store with a bag of groceries that had been made differently than at home. And suddenly nothing in my kitchen was safe. 

Take-Out Gluten-Free

I’m very grateful to Harbour Kebab for a great chicken curry with rice -that is gluten-free. We ordered chicken curry from another place and found they had used breaded chicken in their recipe. So be careful when you’re here. I’m just amazed that a giant store like Dunnes Stores has about everything you can buy in their store. 

And yet they dedicate exactly 8 linear feet (or 2.5 meters) for gluten-free bread, cereal, and pasta. It was quite discouraging. And FYI shepherd’s pie,  a favorite dish in our home, has barley in it if you get it pre-prepared from the grocery store. And making it from scratch while traveling is quite a bit more work than I’d planned on. 

I truly love Ireland. I love the people, the countryside, and the buildings. And I feel bad for all those who live with celiac. I’m sure if I’d had 2 more weeks here I could have found the tricks to eating well and gluten-free. But it’s a lot harder to find than I expected. 

Gluten-Free On the Road

Chicken curry
Chicken curry

We were lucky to find a plaza with 4 restaurants inside a big restaurant stop. Two of the restaurants had a single dish that wasn’t gluten-filled. And there was a gas station that carried snacks that were safe too.

It was the most selection in one place I’ve seen on this trip. It wasn’t in Dublin it was in County Louth north of Dublin. So if you’re coming here, maybe pack a couple of things you trust. And otherwise, keep your fingers crossed because there could be something you can eat. 

Dunnes stores aren’t the only grocery store in Dublin. It’s not even the largest. It was just the closest to my Airbnb. I’ve since learned that M&S Foodhall has gluten-free tea and treats bags and gluten-free Christmas gift bags for delivery. That’s awesome! There is also Lidl, Aldi, Super Valu, and several others.

Celiac Society can help

I’d suggest you go to the Celiac Society of Ireland and get their Food List. Every year they publish a list of all the manufactured foods that are gluten-free. Their site is and the list is free for all members. And membership as of today is 35 euros a year. It may seem like a lot for a short trip. But my frustration would have been fixed if I’d known about this gem of a group beforehand. With their list, you’ll have confidence in what you are buying. 


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