Basic Mormon Beliefs

Articles of Faith

The Articles of Faith are always a great place to start when trying to understand the LDS (Mormon) faith.

Because I believe that the best way to gather accurate information is to go to the source, I recommend you check out to read the Articles of Faith.



logan-temple-lds-950866-galleryTemples are the highest form of worship for the Mormon church. As a people, we have sacrificed to have temples from the very beginning. Temples are NOT chapels. Our chapels are rather plain. There is no stained glass or expensive art. In comparison, the temples are very ornate, filled with stained glass, and large works of art.

On Sundays, we have services in chapels all around the world. But Temple worship is done at another time. Temples have their own operating hours, but they are never open on Sunday.

In temples, we learn about God, and how to be more like Him. We make promises to God that we will live a life that will make Him proud. We also get married (called sealings) and grant those who have passed on a chance to get baptized and married in the temple.

Those whose work is done in temples are able to choose to accept the work done for them. Just because I do my grandmother’s work doesn’t automatically bring it into effect. She has to choose to accept it. I love God’s way of forever giving us the chance to choose for ourselves.

Temples matter so much to Mormons, there is an entire website devoted to them. If you have questions, please check out Temples on the site.