About Abby Christianson


Patty SampsonHi! I’m Abby Christianson, a transplanted Mormon living the dream. In my life, I’ve lived in seven different US states and visited other countries. And the thing that amazes me is that in every place I’ve been the LDS (Mormon) church is the same. The people have hearts of gold, and their love for the Savior is unchanging. But for some reason, people still think Mormons are weird, backward, and sometimes even Amish.

I’m here to try to help clear up the misconceptions about Mormons by showing you that we are just like you. We love our families, eat junk food, love movies, and spend time with friends. And just like you, our faith and values go deep. So join me as I keep trying to scatter sunshine everywhere I go. And hopefully, you’ll find your faith in Christ strengthened along the way.

Autism and more

I’m also here to talk about Autism, and being an Autism Mom. There were few resources online when my son was diagnosed. So I want to be a support to those parents who are trying to figure out their child, and how best to support them. My wonderful son stretches me and helps me grow every day. I love being his mother and the things that make him unique.

In 2020, every autism service stopped. So I got trained to be an RBT (Low-level autism therapist) with BehaviorUniversity.com. It has made homeschooling and doing at-home ABA easier as I understand my son better. They have some courses for parents to help them understand autism better, and I highly recommend them if you are searching.

We have been home-schooling off and on for 6 years now. And it’s wonderful to see my son thriving.

Education and background

Although my degree is not in education, I do have degrees from BYU Idaho and Southern Utah University in public relations, interpersonal communication, and marketing. I was lucky enough to get to teach a couple of freshman classes at SUU as part of my senior project. I have the best memories of those times. And it showed me how much I love to teach.

While at SUU I was on the debate team. I wasn’t great, but I loved the team and the feeling of unity we had. As a member of the Lambda Delta Signa sorority, I spent a year as VP of my chapter. I served on Institute Council and in leadership with my choir. And I was a member of the Lambda Pi Eta honor society. Funny enough, I was nominated as SUU’s personality of the year in my senior year because I was so involved

When my son was small I was part of the PTA at bus school  I even served on the PTA board and taught art classes to the kids.  I also volunteered to help out in the cafeteria. And I was a ‘recess duty’ meaning I got to be outside as a responsible adult during recess

I love to write and wrote for LDSblogs.com as Abby Christianson and as Patty Sampson for many years. I took over editing LDS Blogs when our beloved editor Terri Bittner passed away suddenly from brain cancer in 2017. Then in 2020, LDSblogs.com stopped publishing after the pandemic affected their funding. But they are still online and some great stories are there if you are interested.

I’m a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve been married for 23 years, and a mother for 15 years. I love people and creating in any capacity I can. I hope you’ll join me as we navigate this crazy world we live in.