6 Latter-day Saint Children’s Books Your Little Ones Will Love

6 Latter-day Saint Children’s Books Your Little Ones Will Love May 26, 2023

I love reading, including Latter-day Saint books. I also love reading books written and designed for Latter-day Saint children. What better way to teach your children gospel principles than by reading beautifully illustrated books packed with eternal truths? Perfect for your kiddo to look at during Sacrament Meeting, an easy idea for family home evening, or a spiritual bedtime story, here are six Latter-day Saint children’s books.

Latter-day Baby by Taylor and Madeline Madsen

Geared for smaller children, Latter-day Baby offers a collection of books about gospel truths. These books have beautiful illustrations and simple writing so that parents can use their own words to teach their children. There are books about The Plan of Salvation, the Restoration, The Book of Mormon and other gospel principles. There are also nonreligious books about American history, colors, and first words. These books have been great teaching aids for family home evenings lessons and fun for the kids to look at during church.

God Made Girls & Boys by Tammy Hill

God Made Girls & Boys is a beautiful book about the Plan of Salvation. It teaches important doctrinal truths in a simple way. Paired with gorgeous illustrations, this book teaches important doctrinal teachings about our identity as children of Heavenly Parents and how our bodies were modeled after theirs. Whenever I read this book to my toddler, she always points at the picture of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father and affectionately exclaims, “Mommy and daddy!” It fills me with joy knowing that she’s learning that she is a loved child of a Heavenly Mother and a Heavenly Father. My kids love looking at the pictures during Sacrament or reading it before bed.

I Can Be Reverent When… by Val Chadwick Bagley

If you need help teaching your kids how to be reverent in Sacrament Meeting, your family needs this book. This adorable flip book will teach your kids how to act reverently in Sacrament Meeting and how they can invite the Spirit in their lives. Perfect for starting conversations with your children about how to prepare for church and how to act reverently. Each flap shows what they should be doing vs what they shouldn’t be doing in a simple child friendly manner. The chunky and sturdy flaps are easy for small children to open and will keep them engaged as they read.

Noah’s Ark by Bible Dial-a-Picture

Another fun and engaging book that teaches gospel principles is Noah’s Ark. This interactive board book tells the story of Noah with beautiful illustrations. Each book has a built in dial that your child will be able to use to find the right picture for each illustration. Your kids will know this classic story by heart as they get to be involved in telling the story.

My Quiet Book

If your little ones are busy bodies who have a hard time sitting still in Sacrament meeting, this quiet book will help them be quiet while keeping their little fingers busy. Each page has an educational activity to engage young minds. Your child can practice fine motor skills, shape recognition, telling time, and identifying different textures. It also has soft pages which could come in handy if your child decides to chuck it across the chapel (not that I know from personal experience…).

More Than Just a Star by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler

While this sweet book tells the Christmas story, its teachings of symbolism and understanding the role of Jesus in our lives will be loved by your children all year long. Following the journey of a young shepherd traveling with his father through Bethlehem, your kids will learn the symbols and promises of the first Christmas. At the end of the book there is a list of prophecies, symbols and their references from the scriptures, along with a pocket for your family to collect the nativity symbols that they find.

I hope that you and your family enjoy these books as much as we have and that they instill in them a love for reading.




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