B.C. / A.D. The Birth, Life and Death That Changed History Itself

B.C. / A.D. The Birth, Life and Death That Changed History Itself March 27, 2018

The current trend to white-out God from society has reached a new level of absurdity.

It has to do with “A.D.” Every New Year, we christen the date with “Anno Domini” in Latin or “the year of the Lord” in English. Secularists want to replace A.D. with CE, which stands for stands for “Common Era.” CE and AD have the same and value. 2018 CE = 2018 A.D. The word “common” simply means that it is based on the most frequently used calendar system: the Gregorian Calendar.

“B.C.” as we know it is simply, “Before Christ.” There’s a movement to change that, too.

I can’t believe we are so  thin-skinned as a culture that we are offended by a number. Some of the arguments are head-shakers.

“now the world is becoming more culturally diverse and I feel it is not acceptable to use a specific religion to date stamp. Can we please get into the 21st century and use something more generic”

 “I feel stupid when I say ‘before Christ’ because in my opinion there was no Christ, so it just feels wrong and i think if you’re not a Christian then you shouldn’t really say it.”

“It gives the impression that it is a fact that Jesus existed,And there is no solid evidence to support this, especially not scientifically credible evidence. I believe a new date system should be made maybe with a start date of ancient historical relevance, that is scientifically proven to have happened.”


All of history hinges on the life of Jesus

The modern era of measuring years traces back to the singular event of the birth of Jesus. No other event changed the course of human events like this one. The birth, death and even resurrection of Jesus are proven historical markers. You don’t have to believe Jesus claims to acknowledge that history did indeed change.

It was a hinge for all of humanity. It was a moment when all the travesty of humankind could change with the first gulp of air by a newborn infant. This baby would one day bear the burden of the wrongs of the world on himself. That’s  a world-changer.

And even if you don’t believe in the incarnation, dismiss the claims to deity and ignore the resurrection, you still have to contend with the fact that Christ’s birth and death  changed history itself. What kind of world would we have today if the Romans had continued running roughshod over the globe. But this rebellion of conversion literally crushed the oppressors through grace.

Imagine a world with Christ

And ever since, the world culture hasn’t been the same. Christianity brought the concept of equality to a world steeped in slavery, misogyny, and racism. It brought the idea of peace instead of retaliation. Christianity literally birthed modern education, politics and medicine. The idea of a perfect God who created an orderly world full of wonder spurred many men and women in discovery and science, technology and the arts.

Changing all of history for the sake of scrubbing out a Jesus you are too afraid to be confronted is the most selfish – and foolish of all endeavors.

Jesus was born.

Jesus died.

Jesus rose again.

That’ changes everything.


Here is a two page discussion on the resurrection and why  it is so important to all of us. 


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