Making Space: Welcoming God’s Presence

Laity Lodge Lenten Devotional


Marriage Recall  (Editorial) 

When Faith Takes Flight (Editorial)0

The Story Jar, (Contributor)

Make a Difference, GROWTH (Co-writer)



Christianity Today, Men of Integrity: Daddy Stay and PlayWhen Upward Mobility Brings You DownReleasing Power, Ancient Memories

Christianity TodayFaith in the Workplace: Ditch the Safety Talk: Work DangerouslyFarewell to My CoworkersWho would Jesus Promote?

More Living, Lifeway Resources, print only


How to be a workplace Christian (And Not Freak out Human Resources)

The High Calling:

The Lies We Tell Ourselves: Preventing Burnout

Mediocrity: Playing it Safe Will Never Change the World

Love is a Funhouse Mirror

God Will Hunting

Creativity for The Rest of Us

When to Keep Quiet About Your Faith

Who Would Jesus Promote?

Gospel on the Sly

Back to the Mines: Why do we stay in bad jobs?

Man vs. Mall

Shout to the Darkness

Is Everyone Above Average?

Napping in Gethsamane

Going the Extra Mile: Would Your Boss Give You a Kidney?

Wipe Your Feet

The Kingdom of Me

Living a Kairos Life in a Chronos World

The Upside of Down

Without a Second Thought

Ditch the Safety Talk: Work Dangerously

Seeds for Tomorrow

God’s Refrigerator

Finding Mission in Your Business

When Upward Mobility Brings You Down

Abundance in a World of Choices


Embracing Obscurity, by Anonymous

The Music of Jeff Johnson

Carey Dyer, “Slow Down”

God is My Coach, Larry Julian

Made to Matter, Randy Kilgore

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