Book Review: God is my Coach

Book Review: God is my Coach January 31, 2009

The author of “God is my CEO,” Larry Julian, is out with another, practical guide for everyday living.

While I think the titles of both books are poor, overly simplified descriptions of the Holy Father, there is plenty of good advice in “God is My Coach.”

There is a tendency to reduce the Everlasting, Holy God to a ‘personal Jesus.’ Why stop at God being a coach or a CEO? Let’s make him our bowling partner or mechanic or interior designer. God has His role, His place in the world and if He is who He says He is, then I should not try to ‘stretch’ his definition to something that is practical.

Once you get past the title, you’ll find the book to be a practicum for an ordered way to a more effective life. God’s ‘coaching” abilities, according to Julian, include “finding your creativity,” “nurturing your passion,” “giving you a calling” and “blessing you with relationships.”

Julian makes his living as a corporate management consultant, and the book reflects that. He is incredibly organized in his thoughts, as each chapter reads like a flowchart in novel form. He interviews a number of business leaders who are living out the God model of “coaching” including an executive at General Mills, a management consultant,

His most effective interviews are with Os Guiness.

I love the chapters devoted to Monty Sholund, a lifetime mentor of men who has 100’s of relationships to his credit. As a ‘coach’, he lived out Christ in others, guiding, cajoling, instructing others. A true coach. The book was worth it just to read about Monty.

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