“It was just me, the gunman, and God” — Security guard Jeanne Assam stops spree

“It was just me, the gunman, and God” — Security guard Jeanne Assam stops spree December 10, 2007

She calmly drew her weapon and shot him.
And she credits the Holy Spirit for guiding her.

Jeanne Assam, who is being hailed as a hero, served as a volunteer, armed security guard at New Life Christian Church in Colorado Springs, CO, when the shots rang out.The shooter, Matthew Murray, had as many as a thousand rounds of ammunition for his assault rifle. With at least a thousands of people still in the common areas after the second service and smoke devices ignited, he could have killed many many more than the two who did die.

But Assam stood in his way. “I identified myself, I engaged him and then I took him down,” she said at the press conference. “I didn’t run away. I didnt’ think for a minute to run away. I knew I was the one given the assignment to stop this thing.”

Red Letter Believers are people who are not afraid to take let their faith motivate them, encourage them and empower them to do difficult things. For Jeanne Assam — taking another man’s life was the biggest assignment of her life. So how about your job? When God asks you to walk across the room to speak up for Him, to right a wrong, to offer a hand, to be a person of faith — remember this courageous woman who was not afraid to let God use her.

“I was weak, but God made me strong. I am honored that God chose me.”

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  • I am so glad she was there. I think her bravery will start a new conversation across the country – a much needed conversation regarding the myth that disarming the “good guys” is the key to stopping the “bad guys”.

    This recent rash of shootings shows how our society is devolving into one of anarchy and violence. I have no doubt a loving God used this woman to save hundreds if not thousands of lives.

    I’m gonna link your post to my blog since I blogged about the shootings yesterday. Your thoughts are well said!

  • I’m stopping by your blog by way of Marcus Goodyear’s post. I like your blogging focus and glad to have you as part of the High Calling blogs

  • Yes, thank God almighty for all heroic deeds such as this one.

    I get so irritated when I hear about the “gun roundups” in places like Akron where recently they were handing out $100+ gift cards for handguns. I’m convinced that in most places the effect is negligible. Plus they can get more at a pawn shop. More concealed carry, more armed security and you’ll see less of these nut jobs committing crimes of violence.

  • Coming from England the notion of armed security guards is a strange one. Her act was heroic, and it saved a lot of other lives, but why so many guns…