Looking for an excuse to not do something? You probably shouldn’t read this

Looking for an excuse to not do something? You probably shouldn’t read this August 20, 2018

There are a thousand reasons not to do something, to keep from diving into the deep end of the pool. I get it. I’ve used them all.

 I’m too old.  

I’m too young.

The problem’s too big

I’m not qualified.

I have a family.

You might be housebound by sickness. Your finances might trip you up before you can even get out your front door. You might have a brood of little kids that need you every hour. You might have a job or a situation that will keep you from getting in a car or on an airplane.

But maybe answering a call isn’t to the Grand Venture. Maybe it’s simply Saying Yes in a smaller fashion – something that is still a stretch of faith.

I’ve seen people organize fundraisers, or send a care package, or gather a group of other friends who are similarly bound by a situation and resolve to do something.

Philadelpha excuses locks
Photo, D. Rupert

If you need an excuse, you’ll always find one. You don’t even have to go looking. It will find you. Likely it will have already been whispering to you, just when you near a breakout. It will be written on the top of every page you write. It will be on the mirror, outlined by the steam of the shower that just made you clean again.

The excuse you are looking for will be hinted at by your closest friends. A spouse or a confidant will raise an eyebrow or ask a question that doesn’t mean to hurt, but it still burrows in, looking to infect your confidence. That one person that you thought believed in you might be the source of your deepest fear.

The excuse swirls in the wind, just when you are speaking to the sky, looking to God for help.

You want excuses? You can find them. But if you want to change the world, you’ll need to start saying yes.

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