Living Large (in a Shrinking World)

Living Large (in a Shrinking World) August 7, 2013
That Saturday is a day I won’t forget. It was the day I lost my mind.
You see the day before I found an unexpected bounty. It happens a couple of times a year, you know when there are three paydays in a month. No mortgage payment. The power bill was paid. No car payment. I had a whole paycheck — extra!I was going to live large. 

I sauntered through Lowe’s like I owned the joint, buying tools I didn’t really need. And then I went to Foot Locker and bought a pair of tennis shoes, just because. And the Orvis store was in my sights, where I bought fishing gear for no good reason at all. I ate a huge, overpriced steak for lunch.

Come Sunday, I felt strangely cold.

It happens every time I do this.

I realize that materialism is such a false lover. It leaves me empty in the end with nothing to show but worn-out possessions and a hefty bill to pay.

Our nation, our neighbors and friends realize this as well.  Still, we buy and we charge and we consume. And in the end we swallow the bitter pill of rejection. Our toys stand lifeless, unable to meet out deepest needs.

With the financial crisis still upon our land, we are thinking Shopping bagsabout all the things we are losing — stock balances, 401ks, big televisions, new cars.  We mistakenly believe that more money will cure us. It doesn’t.

Rich people are lonely. I’ve seen it while I lived as a pauper in one of the most affluent communities in the nation. I heard and saw it all. Parties. Purchases. Plans. These people often substituted busyness for importance. And at night, like the rest of us, they still look in the mirror and the hollowness mocked them.

With all this buzz about money, debt, credit ratings and insolvency, I think I need to move my investments, to reallocate my portfolio. My affections need to change from the dollar to something that lasts — a treasure that cannot be taken from me.
What He said: “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”
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