Not Like Me: A Series on Finding Commonality through Difference              

Not Like Me: A Series on Finding Commonality through Difference               August 8, 2016

Next week I’ll begin a new season-long series here at Red Letter Believers called, “Not Like Me.”

I will be specifically seeking out people who are different than me and then we will have a conversation. I want to know what makes them tick, what motivates them and what the hopes and dreams they carry with them.

It’s my hope that through this series I can learn about “others” and that you’ll come along for the ride.

We live so much of our lives through assumption, stereotypes and putting people in boxes that I really want to strip through the words and emotions and get to the heart

Photo by Joel Ben-Avraham via CCLI.
Photo by Joel Ben-Avraham via CCLI.

Who am I? I’m a middle-aged white guy, Conservative in Christian faith and in politics. I’m a family man in a government job.

Who are you?  I’m looking for anyone who isn’t like me who will consent to a few questions, not to embarrass or belittle, but to understand.

I have a few subjects lined up, but I’m open to your suggestion.

If they live in Colorado , I can come to them. If the subject is in another location we can Skype or have a phone interview.

So, are you not like me or do you have friend who fits this? Let’s talk!  Send me an e-mail or Facebook note.


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