Ready to fly?

Ready to fly? March 16, 2017

You just never know

You never know where an interest will lead

You never know what a passion will inspire

You never know who else you motivate

You never know …

You might just change the world


Let me tell you a short story about a man named Milt

He was a pastor by trade, but he spent his early morning hours  watching warblers, spotting starlings, and tracking terns

He had a fascination with birds. He studied them with intense fascination.

He built a huge library on the subject and his two sons thought him a little — off.


In the summer of 89, his son, at the age of 25 contracted a fever.  He was delirious and nearly died.


His brother Will sat with him through the recovery, eventually moving from the hospital back to home. The two settled into his father’s expansive study with the big windows and there they watched — birds.

Soon, from those massive shelves, he began pulling those books on birds, sharing them with his brother. And the two settled on one in particular. “ A Treatise on Terrestia and Aerial Locomotion.”

It was a book about the body, bone and feather structure of birds and how they are outfitted for flight.  They took the book to another step – thinking beyond birds. They began to dream about what it would take for a man to fly

After his recovery – Orville began to nudge his brother into putting their dreams to flight.  The man who almost died of fever began to soar in his thinking.

He even wrote the Smithsonian Institute, asking for them to help  “convince the world to repent of its lack of belief in flight”

A Bird in Flight by Hamid Naderi Yeganeh via Wikipedia


The interest of Bishop Milton Wright in birds  turned into  his passion which led to his son’s dreams and obsession.

I know you might not ever launch a man into flight. You might not be the one with the big dreams, head in the clouds.

But your keen interest might just help inspire someone else. You never know your circle of influence

You might just change the world.

You never know

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