Reflections on Charleston: The one question without an answer

Reflections on Charleston: The one question without an answer June 19, 2015

It used to be the two safest places in our society were our schools and our churches.But those havens of rest are now targets for those who wish to destroy.

A prayer meeting at a black church in Charleston was the scene of a shooter’s rage earlier this week.

Within minutes, people were looking for motives. We always want to know “Why?” It’s our first reaction when we hear about a child dying, or a couple divorcing, or a neighborhood flooded. “Why?” is the soul looking of reason in an unreasonable world, searching for order in disorder, seeking hope in despair.

I don’t know why and neither do you.

Sure he was white and the worshipers were black. And he’s from the south. And he probably drove a pickup. “Conclusive proof” some will say.He could have been an anarchist. Or an atheist. Or mentally disturbed. He might have been a conservative or a liberal.

Even if you fill in any of those holes with labels, you really won’t be able to answer the question, “Why?”

And some are blaming the gun. “If only we had gun control, this wouldn’t have happened.” We have laws outlawing drugs, and yet we still have the scourge. There are laws against child pornography, and yet every day a child is violated. There are thousands of laws on the books, but they do not stop the law breaker.

Take away the gun but you still will be left with the hanging question, “Why?”

whyEvil doesn’t always have a root cause. It just is. We’ll pour through his social media, his video rentals, the books on his shelf, and his television favorites, looking for clues.  The world is spinning on its own, with chaos and disorder pushing at the boundaries of good and righteous. And we push back, kicking at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.

We stand arm in arm with those who are hurt, losing loved ones and friends. And we stand with those who weren’t directly impacted, but feel targeted because of their race or their religion.

Don’t be afraid. Every time fear and doubt creep into my life; I shake it out like a dirty rug. I stand firm, “because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.” 1 Tim 1. 12. 

He is really the only answer to the question.

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  • It is ALWAYS about good and evil and Jesus as our only hope. Thank you, David.

  • That question looms, beckons, drives us crazy even. Why? Exactly. Thanks for pointing us to the only answer that will ever satisfy.

  • Jesus is always and forever the only answer. He gives us peace when the question of why screams at us. Very well said David. Thank you.

  • You nailed this on brother, puts the whole issue into a Godly perspective. It’s not a race issue , it’s a heart issue, wicked people will always find someone to hurt, to put down, so they will feel big. Same sin that caused the fall in the garden, the devil said, come on Eve, you will be like God…evil people want to feel like a god…to be a god.