Review: Carey Dyer, “Slow Down”

Review: Carey Dyer, “Slow Down” December 18, 2012

If you love good, gospel music with a positive outlook, you’re going to love Carey Dyer’s Slow Down. There’s literally a style to match every interest in this panoply of musical wonder.
It’s a collection of reworked hymns,  classic songs of faith and new work. But it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Take the first track, He LeadethMe. My memories of this song are with the red Baptist hymnal perched on my belt, as we sang the first, second and fourth stanza with the organ slowly grinding out each note. A good song, but of another time and place. Don’t tell that to Dyer. He has remade the song into a foot stompin romp of God’s direction. Oh there’s an organ in it, but it’s played with such fervor that you can’t keep from smiling.
Nothin’ But the Bloodis worked into a 40’s speakeasy that defies every tradition I’ve ever sung the song under. And my favorite, His Eye is On the Sparrow is simply gorgeous.
Dyer’s tenor has a real range and verve throughout all the songs. It’s smoothing and even playful at times. The man loves music — and it shows. 
The skillfully reworked songs of Slow Down are familiar, and rather comforting. In these days, we all need a little more slowing down and listening to what gives joy to our hearts.
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