The 44th Carnival of the Godless

The 44th Carnival of the Godless July 9, 2006

It is a glorious summer day in the Garden here at Daylight Atheism, and the 44th Carnival of the Godless has convened and is in session. Caravans and covered wagons bearing infidels and freethinkers from around the world have arrived and are drawn up in a circle on the green lawn. The sun beats down bright and hot from an endless blue sky, its light filling the air and glittering like a haze of molten gold. Some attendees lie on deckchairs or beach towels laid on the grass and bathe in the sun’s light, while others seek refuge beneath blossoming willow and cherry trees whose green branches filter the heat into a pleasant dappled cool. The cheerful sounds of friendly chatter and occasional lively debate rise above the silver trickling of an antique fountain that casts an arc of spray shot through with rainbows.

At one end of the garden, preparations have been made for a feast: several large barbeque grills send up shimmering heat and mouth-watering smells, interspersed with ice-filled coolers and, on a table, a miniature, fully functional beer volcano. A tall stack of cordwood awaits the bonfire to be lit later this night, after the sun has set and the fireflies have come out. To the north stands a stately house where light glitters blindingly off the tall picture windows of a library and, on the roof, the white dome of an observatory.

Your intrepid host, Ebonmuse, takes the podium at the front of the gathering, beneath a trellis where climbing roses are brilliantly in bloom, and calls the meeting to order.

“Welcome, one and all, to the 44th Carnival of the Godless! I’m honored to be playing host to you all today, here in my humble home. It warms my heart to see so many free minds together in one place. People say the golden age of freethought has come and gone, but I’m here to tell you that we’ve never gone anywhere! And what’s more, we’ve grown stronger than most people realize, and if we use that strength, we can accomplish truly great things. Though the hosts of religion may rage, and though they may have great power and influence, they do not have the one thing that we have: the truth. It may seem a small thing, but in the right hands, it can move mountains.

And now, without further ado, let’s get to this week’s featured speakers! We have a wide variety of godless goodness from around the world for your consideration and enjoyment.

At the top of the order, Decrepit Old Fool brings us A cold and broken alleluia, the beautifully titled story of how a former minister became an atheist.

Next, Goosing the Antithesis, in The God That Wasn’t at Church, tells of a church screening of the movie “The God Who Wasn’t There” and how religious apologists attempted to protect ordinary churchgoers from its content.

Jaundice James offers a provocative proposal for safeguarding separation of church and state in Jail Time for Bible Thumpers.

Jon Swift, he of the aptly chosen name, laments the impious ingratitude shown by a recent act of philanthropy, in Warren Buffett Turns Against God.

The question periodically arises of whether there is such a thing as a “secular fundamentalist”. Atheist Revolution steps up to answer that question, and the Atheist Ethicist chimes in as well.

One of my favorite godless blogs, Debunking Christianity, asks, Who Has A Rational Faith?

Since the Raving Atheist has compromised himself by promising to never again criticize Christianity, we need some new voices to step up to the plate and substitute for him. Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist comes through with FSA’s God Squad Review I.

Texas Oasis gives a clear perspective on the very confusing story of an atheist who joined a Presbyterian church while remaining an atheist, in Press Biter.

Love and Rage writes about an Islamic musician who has come under attack for violent lyrics in his songs, in Fundamentally Flawed.

Salto Sobrius provides a succinct explanation of what it means to be Godless.

No More Mr. Nice Guy! criticizes the persecution fantasies of right-wing Christians who style themselves movie critics.

The Greenbelt speaks out strongly against a church that has erected a twisted and theocratic mockery of one of America’s most powerful symbols, in Liberty Desecrated.

Confessions of an Anonymous Coward rejects the premises of Pascal’s Wager, in Betting Against Blaise.

God-belief is worldwide, but fortunately for us, godlessness is worldwide to counter it too! Nonoscience offers a critique of the extremely muddled thinking of a Hindu mantra in Critique on Gayatri Mantra – a Scientific View.

The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly reminds us how often human conception fails and what implications this holds for religious views of ensoulment.

The Accidental Weblog offers some dry commentary on a Christian who believes he has been called by God to attend pornography conventions to evangelize the attendants, and some thoughts on healthy attitudes about sex more generally.

Silly Humans is touched by the poetic muse in Interdependence Days.

And finally, The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks is a very interesting blog which I haven’t previously heard about. In Do Unto Others, the author laments how religious belief has been turned into a justification for hate by small-minded and ignorant people. This blog looks well worth keeping an eye on.

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of the Godless. Our thanks and gratitude are due to all who attended, and especially all who submitted. Don’t forget, the next edition will appear in two weeks at Beware of the Dogma, so get those entries in. Until then, my friends!”

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