Meet Your Guest Admins

Meet Your Guest Admins May 15, 2011

As I mentioned earlier this month, today is my first anniversary, and to celebrate, my wife and I are taking a vacation abroad. (We’ll be going to Spain, where hopefully I’ll be able to avoid the vicious hordes of elderly Catholics.) We’ll be away from this coming Friday until Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll probably have limited internet access. But never fear, Daylight Atheism won’t go dark while I’m gone. I’ve found some guest editors to keep an eye on the site, approve comments, and write new posts to keep things lively around here.

There’ll be three guest administrators minding the store this time. Returning from last time are SuperHappyJen and Ritchie, who did a superb job while I was away on my honeymoon and whom I have no doubt will do so again. For the third, please welcome Leah, whom you may already know as the author of Unequally Yoked. Be sure to thank them for volunteering! I’m eager to see what they come up with.

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