Thanks to Chicago Readers

Thanks to Chicago Readers September 5, 2011

Thanks to all who attended the meetup in Chicago this past weekend! As always, it was a pleasure to meet and talk to the real people who read Daylight Atheism, including one who made a very long drive to attend. (I still find it weirdly flattering that people are interested in meeting me.) I also got my first taste of real Chicago deep-dish pizza, which was delicious although – sorry, I’m a New Yorker to the bone – I still prefer the New York thin-crust variety.

I had a great time in Chicago, and in addition to doing plenty of sightseeing, I got to meet both Hemant of Friendly Atheist and Jerry Coyne, both of whom showed my wife and me wonderful hospitality. I still have to go through my pictures, but I may post some of the better ones in coming weeks.

And yes, the people who were there got to find out my big secret announcement in advance. The rest of you will have to wait a few more days. (If you were there, no spoilers!)

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