Weekend Coffee: January 18

Weekend Coffee: January 18 January 18, 2015


• From Valerie Tarico, how religion can let loose humanity’s most violent impulses. A thoughtful essay that almost perfectly captures my views on the link between religion and violence.

• “Tim is patient, Tim is kind. Tim does not envy, Tim does not boast, Tim is not proud. Tim is not rude, Tim is not self-seeking, Tim is not easily angered, Tim keeps no record of wrongs. Tim does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

• Alex Malarkey, a boy who wrote a bestselling Christian book about dying and visiting Heaven, admits he made the whole story up, staining the good name of afterlife memoirs.

• Kent Hovind’s jail term was nearly up, but he’s seemingly bent on extending it as he spirals deeper into the vortex of sovereign-citizen lunacy, by sending a pompous list of threats and demands to the courts.

• Unexpected but extremely welcome news: Eric Holder puts major limitations on asset-seizure laws that have been rampantly abused by police to take cash and property from people who are never charged with a crime.

The “radical feminism which has assaulted the Church and society since the 1960s has left men very marginalized,” says an official of a church which only allows men to hold or wield power.

The Supreme Court takes up a case that could settle the same-sex marriage issue once and for all. I admit to feeling a little trepidation: logically, the fact that they’ve let so many pro-marriage lower-court rulings stand is an almost certain indicator of how they’ll rule, but this court is nothing if not capricious.

Your weekly reminder that Men’s Rights Activists have no idea how ridiculous they sound.

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