Weekend Bonus Music: Hard Believer

Weekend Bonus Music: Hard Believer February 15, 2015

I was going to put up a Friday Night Music post, but I’ve been traveling this weekend and didn’t have the time. So, here’s a weekend bonus with two great songs.

My post on First Aid Kit two weeks ago was popular, but as Jeremy Shaffer pointed out in the comments, they don’t just make lovely music – they’re unapologetically secular, too. Listen to the lyrics of this beautiful song, “Hard Believer”, from their debut studio album The Big Black and the Blue:

And for a 2-for-1, I was elated to hear that one of my favorite bands, Florence + the Machine, is releasing a new album in June after an almost four-year break.
Here’s the first single, the dark, fierce, slow-burning “What Kind of Man”:

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