Debate in Indianapolis This Week!

Debate in Indianapolis This Week! June 28, 2015


Reminder: This coming week, I’ll be in Indianapolis for two live events as part of my ongoing conversation with Christian author Andrew Murtagh. The audience at both is likely to be mostly Catholic, so if you’re in the area, come out and help balance the scales!


WHAT: Indianapolis Theology on Tap
WHEN: Wednesday, July 1, 7 PM
WHERE: Tow Yard Brewing Company, 501 S. Madison Street, Indianapolis, IN

And second:

WHAT: Faith vs. Doubt Night (requires ticket, but they’re free)
WHEN: Thursday, July 2, 7 PM
WHERE: Crosspoint Church, 13678 Silverstone Drive, Fishers, IN

Both events are free, but the Thursday event at Crosspoint will solicit donations to support the Polaris Project, a non-profit fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery. See you there!

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