Weekend Coffee: October 11

Weekend Coffee: October 11 October 11, 2015


• eBible Fellowship, a Christian group with ties to Harold Camping, predicted the world would end on October 7. Oops! After the date came and went, they put up a defiant post in which they conceded their error, yet insisted the world is still going to burn in hell anyway. (Here’s a graphic of some other end-time blunders through history.)

• The men trying to stop Sikh women from marrying outside their religion, using violence if necessary.

• I’ve written about the horrible murder of freethinkers in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but India, too, is permitting Hindu fundamentalists to menace and even kill liberals and secularists.

• I did not know that Mormon students attending Brigham Young University can be expelled and evicted from campus housing if they lose their faith.

The Handmaid’s Tale made reality: In spite of his life imprisonment for facilitating child rape, Warren Jeffs continues to lead his FLDS cult from prison, and according to a new report, has decreed that only the cult’s chosen “seed bearer” men are permitted to have sex with women – while their husbands watch.

• The assisted dying bill I wrote about is signed into law in California, thanks to Governor Jerry Brown.

But the job isn’t done, as Katherine Stewart points out: Catholic hospitals still refuse to give patients aid in dying, even where it’s legal. One chilling passage from the bishops’ Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services says:

Patients experiencing suffering that cannot be alleviated should be helped to appreciate the Christian understanding of redemptive suffering.

• “Satan’s plan for the world is feminism and social justice.”

• Presented without comment:

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