Weekend Coffee: September 3

Weekend Coffee: September 3 September 3, 2016


• Michele Bachmann says Christian conservatives will never win another election if Hillary Clinton wins this one. From her mouth to God’s ears!

• On Radiolab this week, “The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist“: Alecia Faith Pennington escaped a conservative-Christian/sovereign-citizen homeschool cult, but her parents deliberately never got her a birth certificate, a Social Security number, or any other ID. How do you prove to the world that you exist?

Humanity is solving hunger.

• A shocking story about a woman bleeding from a partially-dislodged IUD who finds that not just her doctor, but her entire health-care network is Catholic-run and no one is permitted to help her. She only got the medical care she urgently needed when the ACLU stepped in.

• Religious-right leader Tony Perkins said God is behind natural disasters, then the flooding in Louisiana destroyed his house.

Hundreds of young people are quitting the Mormon church every week in protest of its anti-gay policies.

• “I am so ready to leave this body“: a sad, beautiful story about the good that assisted dying has done in California.

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