Commonwealth, III.III: Flaming Sword

Commonwealth, III.III: Flaming Sword July 2, 2021

Commonwealth: A Novel of Utopia, part 3, chapter 1

Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from my novel Commonwealth. The rest of today’s installment is free, but only on my Patreon site. If you want to read the next part today, it’s already up on Patreon as well. You can sign up for as little as $1/month, or $2 for exclusive author’s notes and behind-the-scenes material. There’s also a table of contents for all published chapters.

As dark streams of mountain and forest raced past beneath them, Rae’s thoughts were pulled toward their destination and the task that awaited her. She remembered what Jane had told her some days before.

“It’s time you learned the fullness of the part you’ll be playing, Rae. Need-to-know is our watchword for this mission, but the time has come when you do need to know.”

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