December 23, 2020

The American right’s strategy of lies and denial has brought us to the brink of hospital collapse and a winter of needless mass death. Read more

December 21, 2020

Washington, Oregon and the “Left Coast” have evolved away from religion, and they seem to indicate where the whole nation is heading. Read more

December 18, 2020

It’s possible to be rich in the Pacific Republic, but only by improving the lives of one’s fellow human beings. Read more

December 16, 2020

Americans are discarding their religion at shocking speed, and the change is only going to accelerate in the years ahead. Read more

December 14, 2020

Hanukkah is a story of brutal theocrats forcing their narrow-minded religion onto fellow Jews who had absorbed Greek culture. Read more

December 11, 2020

When people are liberated from zero-sum games of mutual destruction, they’re freed to focus on real problems whose solutions benefit all humanity. Read more

December 9, 2020

Donald Trump’s defeat, despite the fanatic devotion of his evangelical base, was the first ray of light from the dawning of a secular era in America. Read more

December 7, 2020

White evangelicals continued to support for President Trump and Republicans in 2020 – but religion is fading so rapidly in America that their power is reduced. Read more

December 4, 2020

Child-raising demonstrates the intrinsically altruistic and cooperative character of human life. Read more

December 2, 2020

Words on the passing of a mentor and a friend. Read more

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