November 8, 2020

I’ll write more next week, after I’ve had more time to process. But for now, this says it all: JOE BIDEN DEFEATS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP The Associated Press declares Joe Biden the winner of a grueling campaign for the American presidency. He will lead a polarized nation through a historic collision of health, economic and social crises. #APracecall— The Associated Press (@AP) November 7, 2020 BREAKING: JOE BIDEN WINSJoe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States,… Read more

November 7, 2020

The networks still haven’t called it, but a victory for Joe Biden is reaching the point of inevitability. It’s time to start celebrating, and I can’t think of a better anthem than this one from Janelle Monáe: What’s your favorite celebratory song? Read more

November 6, 2020

To survive and thrive, a society must allow latitude for unorthodoxy. Read more

November 3, 2020

My co-author Jim Haught has penned his thoughts on tomorrow’s election, and I’d like to do the same. This is the day we’ve been anticipating and dreading. If we win, we’ll end the nightmare of the last four years and start America on the long and difficult road to redemption. The other possibility is an orgy of corruption and cruelty far worse than what we’ve already witnessed. When I contemplate those possibilities, I feel hope and fear balanced in almost… Read more

November 2, 2020

By James A. Haught In the classic movie “Citizen Kane,” a ruthless newspaper tycoon runs for high political office. In advance, his publishing chain prepares two possible alternative headlines for the morning after the election. One crows: “Kane Wins.” But that doesn’t occur, so papers switch to the other: “Fraud at the Polls.” Well, I have two possible headlines ready for after Tuesday’s election. My hoped-for one says: “White Evangelicals Fail to Re-Elect Trump.” But if the dismal alternative happens,… Read more

October 30, 2020

In the Pacific Republic, there are luxuries that make life more pleasant, but none that waste space or energy or devastate the earth. Read more

October 28, 2020

Natalist religious conservatives are in a panic over falling birth rates, but can’t conceive of any solution other than wagging their fingers harder at young women. Read more

October 26, 2020

Churches, theologians and conspiracy theorists build a house of cards consisting of rhapsodic words, but no substance. Read more

October 23, 2020

Every society depends on people’s willingness to work together, but the ethic of zero-sum competition corrodes that mindset of solidarity. Read more

October 21, 2020

Natural disasters brought by climate change are already forcing people to flee, and the strain is only going to get worse. Read more

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