June 5, 2019

We shouldn’t settle for reassurances that our present system is “good enough”; we should ask what’s the best we could be doing. Read more

June 3, 2019

The Templeton Foundation must be near desperation in its quest for “spiritual realities.” Read more

May 31, 2019

The only accusations that the bad guys are allowed to make are the ones that the good guys accept and treat as praise. Read more

May 29, 2019

I’m nearly finished with my review of The Fountainhead. There’s just three more chapters to cover, and I’ll do a brief review of the 1949 movie version. Between this series and Atlas Shrugged, I think I’ve given Ayn Rand enough time and attention. After I finish this one, I’m not planning to review any of her other, minor books. I’ve got something different in mind for future Friday posts. As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m working on a new… Read more

May 27, 2019

By James A. Haught Under the right circumstances, a brave freethinker can rescue a fundamentalist society and lead it away from oppressive religion. That’s what Mustafa Kemal Ataturk did for Muslim Turkey in the 1920s and 1930s. He turned a narrow Islamic society into a modern secular democracy. It was noble and inspiring. Ataturk was born in 1881 to Muslim parents who named him simply Mustafa (“the chosen one”). His pious mother wanted him to attend a religious indoctrination school… Read more

May 24, 2019

How bad zoning perpetuates segregation and the affordability crisis. Read more

May 22, 2019

We knew on election night that reproductive rights were facing extinction in much of the U.S. Read more

May 20, 2019

  By James A. Haught In the mid-1800s, an imprisoned Persian allegedly saw a vision of a “heavenly maiden” who informed him of his holy status. Later he declared that he was Baha’u’llah, the Promised One of All Religions. In effect, he said he was Jesus returning for Christians, the Messiah coming for Jews, Lord Krishna coming for Hindus, a long-awaited divine imam coming for Muslims, etc. He drew thousands of followers, called Baha’i. Surrounding Shi’ite Muslims massacred them, but… Read more

May 17, 2019

The central animating principles of The Fountainhead and of Atlas Shrugged are fatally at odds. Read more

May 15, 2019

The rising popularity of eco-friendly, non-traditional methods for disposing of the dead is a sign that religion’s grip is weakening. Also, sad news on Rachel Held Evans. Read more

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