If you like what you’ve read on Daylight Atheism, why not invite the author, Adam Lee, to speak to your convention, campus or community organization?

I’m on the speakers’ bureau of the Secular Student Alliance, and I’m happy to come and speak to SSA-affiliated groups or any group that upholds the ideals of free thought and free speech. I prefer engagements in the New York City area, but I’m willing to travel domestically in exchange for reimbursement for air fare and accommodations. (International speaking is by special arrangement – if you’re interested in this, please contact me and we’ll try to work something out.)

Some of my suggested topics include:

  • What science tells us about the soul. A discussion of how recent findings in neurology demonstrate the inextricable unity of the conscious mind and the healthy brain, and rule out any notion that our consciousness is a supernatural entity. Based on my essay “A Ghost in the Machine“.
  • The march of progress. Every social reform movement is demonized by the religious conservatives of its day as an evil, godless conspiracy, and then, when it wins out and achieves its goals, is claimed to have been a pious, faith-based movement all along by the religious conservatives of the next generation. Some examples of this remarkable trend.
  • The importance of speaking out. Why atheists should criticize religion passionately and uncompromisingly, and how we can do it intelligently so as to win the greatest number of supporters. Based on my essay on “Unapologetic“.
  • Atheism and morality. Can an atheist believe in objective morality, and if so, where do we find it and how do we define it? How does atheist morality differ from religious morality? Based on my essay “The Ineffable Carrot and the Infinite Stick“.
  • Building the secular community. Atheism is growing, in numbers and in influence, throughout the industrialized world. What’s behind this trend, and how can we build an infrastructure to absorb this growth and create a community of nonbelievers who can support each other and speak with one voice on the issues that matter to us?
  • The connection between atheism and feminism. As atheism grows and becomes more diverse, the secular community has been wracked by infighting over feminist issues. This talk is an argument for for why atheists should care about women’s social, political and cultural equality and make it one of our priorities for activism.

If you’d like to have me speak to your group on one of these or any other subject, send me an e-mail and we can discuss arrangements and availability. If you’d like to see video of some of my past talks, here are some of the ones that were recorded:

My Vimeo Page

How to Move Mountains: My Keynote Speech at the Secular Student Alliance Convention, July 2012

How Should Rationalists Approach Relationships and Marriage? Panel Discussion at Skepticon V, November 2012

My Interview with Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture, May 2013

Secular Cults Panel at FtBCon 3, January 2015