Ryvyn has worked in Elder Law for 15 years. She is a certified yoga teacher specializing in senior yoga, and death doula for guardianship wards and life care planning clients of the law firm. Ryvyn became involved in the paranormal when investigators researched the activity in her 90-year-old home.

Ryvyn has always had an interest in world religions and spirituality. Being raised LDS, she explored many Christian religions, and Hinduism and explored the sacred texts of many of the world religions. 

Now a 2nd Degree HPS in the Gardnerian tradition. She and her attorney husband, live in Southside Virginia with their dog, Luna. She loves researching the paranormal, spiritual beliefs, psychopomp work, and cultural and religious traditions surrounding death, dying, and burial practices; as well as studying nutrition, aging intelligently, traveling, and amateur bodybuilding.


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Photo by Kenny Webster