Of One Heart and One Wave

Of One Heart and One Wave April 28, 2018

Women are powerful creators.  We can create drama and chaos and we can create synergy and expansion. I love watching women expand and synergize!

One friend, Kim, passionately loves surfing.  When she moved to Ewa Beach, Hawaii, she willingly offered to help everyone who didn’t know how learn to surf.   Another woman, Tabbi, became Kim’s visiting teacher. For their visits, they met on the water and surfed together.  They decided Wednesday was their surf day.

As new, interested people moved into the ward, Kim and Tabbi taught them how to surf.  Some ladies came with some surfing knowledge.  Most ladies hadn’t been on a surfboard before.  More than one woman faced a fear of the water (aka fear of sharks).

The Wednesday surf group grew.  They bonded. They banded. They constantly recruited and invited any and all women to join them.

Since most of the women had never surfed before, they persisted and with practice and encouragement, they conquered limitations and became their own kind of one with the sea.

women holding surfboards at the beach
Malia Bond, Debbie Tanner, Destiny Larson, Jill Bostock, Nancy Maxwell, Kim Day, Waikiki

They also challenged each other.  From the elusive then frequented party wave to tandem surfing to headstands, they challenged their limits and stretched their capacities.

They’re all busy stay-at-home moms.  They began rotating babysitting at someone’s house or watched each other’s kids at the beach. They overcame all the excuses and obstacles—unknown skills, childcare—because they shared a joint passion and felt motivated for the group’s success.

They bonded on the waves, but their relationships cemented in every aspect of life.  One friend always brings extra towels for the ones who forget.  One brings the yummy snacks.  They coordinate fun outings with their kids. They swap babysitting for temple trips. They pick up kids from school.   They arrange the future marriages of their children.  They bought sibling puppies together. They help each other through hard times and celebrate happy times together.

Empowered Womanhood Leads to Zion Relationships

While these women share similar characteristics, all of them have unique drives, motivators, and triggers. To see them coalesce into such a beautiful oneness taught me so much about Zion hearts.

And it came to pass in his days, that [Enoch] built a city that was called the City of Holiness, even Zion.

Enoch found a driving passion. His calling and drive came from the Lord.

He went among people—most of whom were very different from him.  He invited them to participate. He taught them what they needed to know to make covenants and participate in ordinances and perpetuate the truths he taught.

They shared opportunity with others they met—probably people with different motivations, personalities, and triggers from them, but intrigued by the common goal.

They bonded together, unified in their common cause, maneuvering relationship priorities to celebrate the divine in each other. They coalesced. They became one—a city united in multiple pursuits and a common passion.

And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

They didn’t lose their identity in this Zion community! Rather, they would find a liberation of soul to become and do and be what brought the greatest joy.

No Poor Among Them

“There was no poor among them.” While I see this as eradication of poverty’s temporal state, the eradication of emotional and mental poverty are even more impactful.

Everyone knew who they were and their divine worth. They celebrated unique personalities and purposes.  With emotionally filled souls, they ministered to each other. Without the anxiety and superiority of pride, they could be content in others’ successes, motivating each other to fulfill their potential.

Mentally abundant, they sought and found truth. They discerned between light and darkness. They improved their talents and looked to achieve their divine purpose. They sought for and received spiritual gifts of repentance, faith, hope, charity.

Zion, being one and united, is a glorious goal!

I’ve never lived in Zion, but the love, unity, unselfish service in pursuit of a common goal of these surf moms show me that Zion’s possible!  And glorious!

Women and surfboards at White Plains beach
Surf Day at White Plains Beach. Photo courtesy of Jill Bostock

“We see faithful women who understand the power inherent in their callings and in their endowment and other temple ordinances. These women know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen their husbands, their children, and others they love. These are spiritually strong women who lead, teach, and minister fearlessly in their callings with the power and authority of God!”-President Russell M. Nelson



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