John Bushman’s Severe Accident

John Bushman’s Severe Accident July 16, 2020

I’m in the mood for healing and miracle stories. My great-great-grandfather John Bushman recorded one of his harrowing experiences rather matter-of-factly. Can you imagine getting your head partially scalped from falling under a wagon, and then getting up and trying to remain calm for your son (who is my great grandfather) and passenger while you drove yourself to the nearest town?  All matter-of-factly? I love this story, and how he thanks everyone who helped him, and attributed his healing to a prayer of faith.

And again, to some it is given to have faith to be healed;

And to others it is given to have faith to heal.

Severe Accident by John Bushman

The accident occurred while going to Snowflake, Arizona, on February 2, 1894, to fill a Home Missionary appointment. This was in the days the Ward Bishops were required to visit the Wards. I was driving a four-horse outfit and the wagon was loaded with wheat to take to the grist mill. My eight-year-old son, Alonzo, and Sister Zina Parkinson were along.

John Bushman
John Bushman around 1880

Just before we got to Woodruff, then the road to Snowflake, I reached to urge the lead team. My foot slipped and I fell under the wagon. The four lines caught my left foot and dragged me some five yards before the lines turned the lead horses short and stopped them.

I got out from under the wagon with blood running over my face. The wheel had struck against my head and cut a gash five inches long in the scalp, turning over the scalp. 

This frightened Sister Parkinson. I wrapped some clothes around my head to stop the blood and then drove to Woodruff to have my wound dressed.

It was found necessary to sew up my scalp and there was no surgeon around. All the men said they could not do it so Sister Mary Ellen Lillywhite sewed my scalp on. 

Brothers Lorenzo Hatch and Dexter administered to me and asked the Lord to heal my wound. Sister Ruth Hatch, an experienced nurse, wrung cloths out of hot water and applied to my head every ten minutes all night. This drew all blood and dirt out of the wound. In about one week, it commenced to heal and I went home to St. Joseph (Joseph City.)

I shall always feel grateful to Sister Lillywhite for her surgery, Bishop Levi M. Savage for his hospitality, Ruth Hatch for her nursing, and Brother Hatch for his prayer of faith that did make me well. 

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