Susan Stringham’s #LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon

Susan Stringham’s #LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon December 9, 2020

#LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon

What’s your favorite book?  What would you say about it?

I’ve thought of what book I would send to a friend for today’s #LightTheWorld challenge.  Susan said the words of my heart through her own beautiful experience.

Susan Stringham’s #LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon

#LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon
Susan Stringham

Today’s #LightTheWorld challenge was to send your favorite book to someone far away. If you know me, at all, you know I love to read!! I’m a voracious reader. I am an editor and selector of books for my work. I write books. I write articles. Words and reading are kind of my thing. So, it’s kind of my life.

When I thought of my favorite book, even after all of the books I have read, it still came easily to my mind. It is always the same answer and has been all of my life, The Book of Mormon.

Reading the Book of Mormon as a Child

My Mom taught me to read when I was four and I just have read everything I could get my hands on. When I was 11, my Dad saw how much I read and asked if I had ever read the whole Book of Mormon, all the way through and I hadn’t so he challenged me to do so. It was a struggle at first, a lot of big foreign words for someone so young, but I finished it and he asked me what I thought of it. I think I surprised him when I said I didn’t think I liked it. He asked why and I said, a lot of people died in it.

He asked about the parts I liked. I told him how I liked the stories of Jesus visiting the peoples of the Americas and of Nephi and his family stories. So he challenged me to read it again. I have continued to read it every day, since that time.

Reading it Daily as an Adult

I have read thousands of books—no really—and many of those multiple times. I read fairly quickly, usually about a book a day when I can but because I have a partial photographic memory, books will get a little boring if I have read them too often. That is never the case with the Book of Mormon. I find something new in it every time I open it. It’s amazing to me!!

I have read the Book of Mormon more than 50 times and continue to read it in the morning when I get up and before I go to bed every day and it never gets old. I love all of the scriptures and have read the Old and New Testaments, The Doctrine Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price almost as much but whereas I trade the other ones up to read, I always read some from the Book of Mormon, every day. It is part of my soul, I can not unwork it from myself.

I know it is true. It is another testament of Jesus Christ and I can feel it every time I read its pages. It truly testifies of Jesus Christ.

Being Plunged into Darkness

I can give you lists of books to read of every genre, I like almost all of them from Physics to History to Biology to cookbooks to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Heck, I love dictionaries … but anyway. I partially lost my eyesight a couple of months ago. I woke up one morning and part of the vitreous had detached from my eye. I was told not to read my books.

My world was very dark and I didn’t know what I would do if I couldn’t see my mountains or rivers or the sky and I gave up all of my reading except for the scriptures. I know you can listen to them but it’s not the same for me. I read them anyway, carefully. I can not do without them. They are the guideposts in my life.

Fortunately, my eye is getting better and I am able to carefully read books now. Still set up Audible to save my eyesight a bit.  Maybe I’ll even listen to the Book of Mormon one of these days just to get that perspective.

#LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon
Susan’s Book of Mormon collection

These pictures are of my own personal sets of scriptures and Books of Mormon from when I believe I was 6 or 7 with the light blue one, to the French one, the copy like the first one ever printed, and my quad now with my name on it. They mean so much to me. You have no idea.

Would You Like a Copy of the Book of Mormon?

I would send a Book of Mormon to every person on the planet if I could, not just the people I love because I love this book. It is home to me. It has blessed my life profoundly. I would not be who I am without it.

So, if you want a copy of a Book of Mormon, I will send one to you, for free, anywhere in the world and I will answer any questions you want to know about it because I love talking about it too!!! It has blessed my life, the lives of my family and friends, and I know it will bless your life, too.

Thanks for sharing, Susan!

You can also receive a free copy of the Book of Mormon (available in numerous languages) by filling out a very short request form at this link:

#LightTheWorld with the Book of Mormon

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