The Greater Work: How Prayer Positions You to Receive All that Grace Intends to Give

Do you struggle to pray?

You’re not alone. Often, the central question that prevents us from praying more often, more passionately, and more expectantly is, “Why should I pray?”

Why pray if God already knows what you’re going to ask?
Why pray if God already knows what he’s going to do?
Why pray if God seems silent?

In The Greater Work: How Prayer Positions You to Receive All that Grace Intends to Give, Dr. Jim Denison answers why you should pray and offers biblical insight on how to pray and what to pray for.

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7 Deadly Sins

How often do you wonder why you keep wrestling with the same issues over and over again?

In 7 Deadly Sins: How Our Oldest Temptations Can Lead You From Vice to Virtue, Ryan Denison and Dr. Jim Denison investigate the biblical and historical significance of the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, slothfulness, greed, gluttony, and lust.

In 7 Deadly Sins, you will learn how to:

Recognize the Enemy’s traps
Replace sinful intent with faithful living
Renew your heart, mind, and soul

The book also contains discussion questions for each chapter that can be used on your own or in a small-group setting.

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Coronavirus Special Edition

How could God allow the coronavirus pandemic?

In this complimentary e-book, Dr. Denison answers 7 questions about the pandemic and what our biblical response as Christians should be.

Questions include:

How can I face my fears in such troubling times?
How can I face the future with hope?
How can I partner with God to redeem this crisis?

NOTE: This is a digital-only release and is not available in print.

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 5

Vol. 5 covers these tough questions:

How can I know if God is speaking to me?
What is heaven like?
What is the Trinity?
How do we know Jesus Christ existed?
Can you be a Christian apart from the church?
Are the Jews still God’s chosen people?
What should be the role of women in the church?
What is tithing? Is it still required today?
Who decided what books should be in the Bible?
What is baptism? Why do churches view it differently?

Remember: “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened” (Matthew 7:8).

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Making Sense of Suffering: 7 Biblical Ways to Help Hurting People

How could a good God allow a world like this?

The problem of suffering and faith is so perennial and pervasive that thousands of books have addressed it over the centuries.

But this book is different. Making Sense of Suffering will help you help others in pain. Within these pages, you will:

Learn seven biblical, practical ways to help hurting people.
Be able to answer “Why does God allow evil and suffering?” through a fourfold approach to theodicy.
Lead others in their understanding of the problem of pain through discussion questions for each chapter.

If someone you know is suffering today, let this book help you be a light in their darkness.

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Empowered: A Guide to Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit

You have the Holy Spirit—but does the Holy Spirit have you?

The Holy Spirit lives within every Christian, but not every Christian lives life guided by the Holy Spirit. Why is that?

That’s one reason Dr. Denison wrote Empowered: A Guide to Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit, a 47-day devotional, to be read each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

But its brief yet insightful chapters and its biblical, practical steps to the abundant life found in Christ are applicable for any time of the year.

Empowered also includes a spiritual gifts assessment to help you see how your passions and opportunities indicate the spiritual gifts God has imparted to you.

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 4

Vol. 4 covers these tough questions:

What makes Christianity so unique among all the other religions?
When I’m attacked for being a Christian, how should I respond?
How can we make an impact on the culture for Christ?
What does it mean to be “salt and light” in today’s culture?
Why should I start the day alone with God?
When life gets hard, where can I turn?
When I don’t understand God’s plan, how can I trust his hand?
How can I love both God and those with whom I disagree?
When I doubt whether Jesus is really the son of God, what should I do?
Do I really have to love everyone?

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 3

Vol. 3 covers these tough questions:

Are denominations important?
Is it wrong to drink alcohol as a Christian?
What should I do when I don’t feel close to God?
Should we expect our culture or government to observe Christian values?
How can I parent well in such a media-saturated culture?
Should I go on a short-term mission trip?
How should a Christian vote?
Does being a Christian mean sacrificing intellectual honesty?
How can we overcome generational stereotypes?
Can a Christian take medication for anxiety or depression?

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 2

Vol. 2 covers these tough questions:

Why do we believe that the Bible is actually the Word of God?
What are angels? Will I become one?
Is there really a creature named Satan?
Are there really demons?
Are we living in the “End Times”? How do we know?
What are your spiritual gifts? Are they the same as talents?
How can I share my faith with others? Why should I?
Can I really overcome temptation and sin?
If God knows everything, why should I pray?
Why does God want to be worshiped? How can I worship him best?

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 1

Vol. 1 covers these tough questions:

Where did God come from?
Is there only one way to God?
Isn’t the Bible filled with contradictions?
How do we know Jesus is the Son of God?
Can we believe in miracles today?
What happens to people who have never heard of Jesus?
Is hell real? How could a loving God send anyone there?
What is the “unpardonable sin”?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
How can I know the will of God?

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Blessed: Eight Ways Christians Change Culture

What does being blessed mean?

Two thousand years ago, Jesus defined being blessed with eight statements we know as the Beatitudes in his Sermon on the Mount.

In Blessed: Eight Ways Christians Change Culture, Dr. Denison discusses each of Jesus’ “Blessed are” statements and how they challenge us to a higher calling.

If we are to be the “salt and light” to the world Jesus calls us to be, we must first understand what it means to be blessed by God.

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How Does God See America?

Does America still trust God and his word today?

Or have we fallen so far away that his judgment is almost certain-and soon?

If we want to know the Lord’s heart for America, the best place to start is by looking at his heart for Israel. His relationship with them centered on three questions:

Do they respect God’s truth?
Do they respect each other?
Do they respect God?

To apply these questions to America, Dr. Jim Denison and his son, Ryan Denison, take an in-depth look at the most challenging issues of our day.

From sexuality to abortion and suicide, from postmodernity and relative truth to our doubts about God-every major issue America faces today is no surprise to God.

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7 Critical Issues – Kindle Edition

What are the critical issues of our day?

Released in 2016, State of Our Nation serves as a handbook for believers who want to think biblically about the critical issues we face and make an impact on our culture for our Lord. Topics include:

How to defeat ISIS
Same-Sex Marriage
The Transgender Debate
Illegal Immigration
Religious Liberty

It is essential that Christians base our views regarding these important subjects on God’s word and will.

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